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Study Groups

Study OCAC Acronym Study Acronym Country Study Type Principal Investigator(s)
African American Study AAS AAS USA Case-Control Joellen Schildkraut & Patricia Moorman
Alberta Ovarian Tumor Types study AOV (none) Canada Case-Only Linda Kelemen
Australia Ovarian Cancer Study & Australia Cancer Study (Ovarian Cancer) AUS AOCS/ACS Australia Case-Control Georgia Chenevix-Trench & Penelope Webb
Bavarian Ovarian Cancer Cases and Controls BAV BOCC Germany Case-Control Peter Fasching
Belgium Ovarian Cancer Study BEL BOCS Belgium Case-Control Diether Lambrechts
Breakthrough Generations Study BGS BGS UK Cohort Anthony Swerdlow
The BioVU DNA Repository BVU BioVU USA Case-Control Digna Velez Edwards
Cancer Research UK - Cambridge Research Institute CAM (none) UK Case-Only James Brenton
Tianjin China Ovarian Cancer Study CHA (none) China Case-Control Kexin Chen & Fengju Song
Hebei Medical University CHN CHN China Case-Only Li Yan & Kang Shan
CNIO Ovarian Cancer Study CNI (none) Spain Case-Control Javier Benítez & María J. García & Cristina Rodriguez-Antona
Connecticut Ovary Study CON (none) USA Case-Control Harvey Risch
Duke Clinic DKE (none) USA Case-Only Joellen Schildkraut & Andrew Berchuck
Diseases of the Ovary and their Evaluation DOV DOVE USA Case-Control Mary Anne Rossing
Rotterdam Ovarian Cancer Study EMC ROCS Netherlands Case-Only Mieke Kriege & Els P.M.J.J. Berns
European Prospective Investigation into Nutrition and Cancer EPC EPIC Europe Nested Case-Control Renée Fortner & Elio Riboli
Germany Ovarian Cancer Study GER GOCS Germany Case-Control Jenny Chang-Claude
Demokritos GRC DEM Greece Case-Only Drakoulis Yannoukakos
Gilda Radner Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry GRR GRFOCR Global Case-Only Kirsten Moysich
Hawaii Ovarian Cancer Study HAW (none) USA Case-Control Marc Goodman
Hannover-Jena Ovarian Cancer Study HJO HJOCS Germany Case-Control Thilo Doerk-Bousset & Matthias Duerst
Hannover-Minsk Ovarian Cancer Study HMO HMOCS Germany Case-Control Thilo Doerk-Bousset & Natalia Bogdanova
Helsinki Ovarian Cancer Study HOC HOCS Finland Case-Control Ralf Butzow
Hormones and Ovarian Cancer Prediction HOP HOPE USA Case-Control Francesmary Modugno & Kirsten Moysich & Roberta Ness
Dr. Horst Schmidt Kliniken HSK (none) Germany Case-Only Florian Heitz
Hannover-Ufa Ovarian Cancer Study HUO HUOCS Germany Case-Control Thilo Doerk-Bousset
Hospital-based Epidemiologic Research Program at Aichi Cancer Center JPN HERPACC Japan Case-Control Keitaro Matsuo
Korean Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Study KRA Ko-EVE Korea Case-Control Sue Park
Women's Cancer Research Institute - Cedars-Sinai Medical Center LAX WCRI USA Case-Only Beth Karlan
Departments of Cancer Epidemiology and Oncology University Hospital Lund LUN MISS Sweden Case-Control Håkan Olsson
Mayo Clinic Case-Only Ovarian Cancer Study MAC (none) USA Case-Only Ellen Goode
Danish Malignant Ovarian Tumor Study MAL MALOVA Denmark Case-Control Susanne Kruger Kjaer
Malaysia Ovarian Cancer Genetic Study MAS MyOvCa Malaysia Case-Control Soo-Hwang Teo & Yin Ling Woo
Mayo Clinic Ovarian Cancer Case Control Study MAY (none) USA Case-Control Ellen Goode
Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study MCC MCCS Australia Nested Case-Control Graham Giles & Laura Baglietto & Gianluca Severi
MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer Study MDA (none) USA Case-Control Michelle Hildebrandt
Multiethnic Cohort MEC (none) USA Case-Control Wendy Setiawan
Moffitt Cancer Center Ovarian Cancer Study MOF MOF USA Case-Control Thomas Sellers & Jennifer Permuth Wey & Catherine Phelan & Alvaro Monteiro
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Gynecology Tissue Bank MSK MSKGTB USA Case-Control Douglas Levine
North Carolina Ovarian Cancer Study NCO NCOCS USA Case-Control Joellen Schildkraut
New England-based Case-Control Study of Ovarian Cancer NEC NECC USA Case-Control Daniel Cramer & Kathryn Terry
Nurses' Health Study NHS NHS USA Nested Case-Control Shelley Tworoger & Meir Stampfer & Walter Willett
New Jersey Ovarian Cancer Study NJO NJOCS USA Case-Control Elisa Bandera
University of Bergen Norway Study NOR (none) Norway Case-Control Line Bjørge
Nijmegen Polygene Study & Nijmegen Biomedical Study NTH POLYGENE Netherlands Case-Control Lambartus Kiemeney & Leon Massuger
Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Lifestyle Study OPL OPAL Australia Case-Only Penelope Webb
Oregon Ovarian Cancer Registry ORE OHSU-OOCR USA Case-Only Tanja Pejovic
Ovarian Cancer in Alberta and British Columbia Study OVA OVAL-BC Canada Case-Control Linda Cook & Nhu Le
The Prostate-Lung-Colorectal and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial PLC PLCO USA Cohort Nicolas Wentzensen
Poland Ovarian Cancer Study POC POCS Poland Case-Control Jacek Gronwald
NCI Ovarian Case-Control Study in Poland POL NCI-OCS Poland Case-Control Nicolas Wentzensen
Pelvic Mass Study PVD (none) Denmark Case-Only Estrid Hogdall & Claus Hogdall
PRevention of OVArian cancer in Quebec PVQ PROVAQ Canada Case-Only Anita Koushik
Royal Brisbane Hospital RBH RBH Australia Case-Only Georgia Chenevix-Trench
Royal Marsden Hospital Case Series RMH (none) UK Case-Only Paul Pharoah
Roswell Park Cancer Institute Ovarian Cancer Cohort RPC (none) USA Case-Only Kirsten Moysich
UK Studies of Epidemiology and Risk Factors in Cancer Heredity (SEARCH) Ovarian Cancer Study SEA SEARCH UK Case-Control Paul Pharoah
Sisters Study SIS (none) USA Cohort Dale Sandler
Swedish Mammography Cohort SMC (none) Sweden Cohort Alicja Wolk
Southampton Ovarian Cancer Study SOC (none) UK Case-Only Ian Campbell & Diana Eccles
Southern Ontario Ovarian Cancer Study SON SON Canada Case-Control Harvey Risch
Scottish Randomised Trial in Ovarian Cancer SRO SCOTROC UK Case-Only (Trial) Jim Paul & Nadeem Siddiqui & Ros Glasspool & Iain McNeish
Genetic Epidemiology of Ovarian Cancer STA FROC & GEOCS USA Case-Control Alice Whittemore & Weiva Sieh
Sweden Western Region Ovarian Cancer Study SWE SWE Sweden Case-Only Björg Kristjansdottir & Karin Sundfeldt
Shanghai Women's Health Study SWH SWHS China Case-Control Wei Zheng
Tampa Bay Ovarian Cancer Study TBO TBOCS USA Case-Control Rebecca Sutphen & Catherine Phelan
Familial Ovarian Tumor Study TOR FOTS Canada Case-Control Steven Narod & Harvey Risch & Catherine Phelan
UC Irvine Ovarian Cancer Study UCI (none) USA Case-Control Hoda Anton-Culver
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre UHN (none) Canada Case-Only Marcus Bernardini
UK Ovarian Cancer Population Study UKO UKOPS UK Case-Control Usha Menon & Simon Gayther
UK Familial Ovarian Cancer Registry UKR UKFOCR UK Case-Only (Registry) Paul Pharoah
Los Angeles County Case-Control Studies of Ovarian Cancer USC LAC-CCOC USA Case-Control Leigh Pearce & Anna Wu
OVCARE Gynecologic Tissue Bank and Outcomes Unit VAN (none) Canada Case-Only David Huntsman
VITamins And Lifestyle Cohort Study VTL VITAL USA Case-Control Emily White & Riki Peters
Westmead Institute for Cancer Research - Westmead Hospital WMH (none) Australia Case-Only Anna deFazio
Warsaw Ovarian Cancer Study WOC (none) Poland Case-Control Jolanta Kupryjanczyk

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